Tindell v. Murphy, Cal. Court of Appeal (2018)

Tindell v. Murphy (2018) is a good, new appellate decision in support of appraisers' defense of borrower (non-intended user) lawsuits in California.  The opinion was not originally ordered for publication.  I assisted the National Association of Appraisers and the Northern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute with requests for publication filed to the Court of Appeal.  In response to these requests, the Court ordered the decision published, meaning that it now serves as meaningful precedent in California.  It relies on an earlier key decision Willemsen v. Mitrosilis (Cal. App. 2014), which was also published as the result of efforts by the Appraisal Institute, its Northern California Chapter and the NAA.  The memo below discusses the significance of these two cases to California appraisers (and appraisers in other states without their own developed appraiser case law).